Our Mission - an impactful storytelling revolution

Halisia is a Swahili word that roughly translates to "being real, genuine, or authentic" - a word that encapsulates the travel experience that we seek to offer. When you travel with us, you share unforgettable moments with locals, live their way, and broaden your perception of reality. Through facilitating meaningful connections and extraordinary experiences, we want our trip participants to have lasting memories that they share with the world through photography and film.

Stories are powerful. They shape the way that we see the world and also how we interact with it, either for better or for worse. On one hand, stories have been used to manipulate people’s beliefs and suppressing them. On the other hand, they have been pivotal in uniting movements and giving people justice. At Halisia Travel, we want spark a revolution of impactful stories that really showcase what’s beyond a destination. We want to dig deeper and use our camera as a tool to that enables us to learn about the nuances that give character to a place. We want to paint images that embody fairness, respect, and most importantly, authenticity.

When it comes to photography and filmmaking, there are some things that you just can’t learn in a classroom or online. Each of our programs are designed for our participants to immerse themselves in environments where they are challenged to think on their feet and use their cameras to capture the depth and richness they are experiencing. Through on-the-field training with professionals, we want our participants to be inspired, gain confidence and become enigmatic storytellers.