As a transformational travel company, we are committed to our ideals of responsible tourism and positive change. These are some of the ways we are striving to be conscious and proactive about our impact:

respectful interactions with communities

We want to involve local communities in the tourism process so that they can monetarily benefit from it too. However, we have to remember to respect their culture and way of life even though it may be different from our own. Over time, Halisia has built strong relationships revolving around trust and solidarity with the communities we visit.

keeping it local but professional

One of the reasons we travel super local is so that we can get authentic perspectives and tell real stories from the ground. Another reason is that we want to make sure the money stays in the country and develops local talent. This is why all our tour operators and logistics partners are handpicked local professionals.


15% of our profits are contributed to the Developing Storytellers Grant. This is a monetary scholarship for travel writers, photographers and filmmakers from developing countries who need financial aid for a specific project they are working on. To apply, please contact us regarding the DSG proposal form.


carbon footprint

At Halisia, we are true nature lovers. On each of our trips, we encourage our participants to be conscious of the environmental impact we have as travelers. We use public transport when possible and we also plant enough trees in each of our trips to offset the flights to and from the country.

accessibility to filmmaking & photography

The art of filmmaking and photography can be daunting and there can be many mental obstacles preventing people from using the tools to tell powerful stories. Through our experiential education model, we want to provide a hands-on mentorship from professionals to aspirants and empower them with access to knowledge and confidence to use their tools in a professional way.

transforming negative stereotypes

Through the stories that we produce in our trips, our mission is to shine light on grassroots stories and add variety to the discourse of a place in order to break stereotypes. As Chimamanda Adichie said, Single stories are dangerous and it is our job as impactful storytellers to make change by broadening the perspective of our viewers.