What makes our journeys a trip of a lifetime:

professional mentorships


Our trips are led by professional filmmakers or photographers who share with you their expertise every step of the way so that you can take your storytelling to the next level.

immersive interactions


We travel the local way and live with the people from the land so that we can have truly meaningful connections that make the most authentic stories.

creative community

CREative community

Travel with other like minded and talented storytellers and form a community of creatives that you can collaborate with even after the trip.

purpose-built itinerary

purpose-built itineraries

Our programs are intentionally designed with you in mind and are fully packed with captivating stories waiting to be uncovered and shared.

Halisia Tanzania Photography workshop Filmmaking workshop

december 2019: tanzania

Join us on our epic “Tanzania: Faces of Nature” filmmaking and photography mentorship and travel through the most incredible landscapes the world has to offer. Immerse yourself with some of the most unique tribes in Africa and live amongst the spectacular wildlife, all while learning about impactful storytelling from a professional filmmaker.


Start the new year with a once in a lifetime trip to India and experience the iconic culture of Rajasthan. From being engulfed by the vastness of the mystical Thar desert to walking through the alleyways of the majestically colored cities, feel the authenticity of India’s most picturesque state and connect with your inner storyteller.